The End Of Summer

Posted: 29th August 2013 by RTMG in Posts

Hoping Everyone Had An Awesome Summer – On To The Clips!!

Michelle Lewin – Sometimes You Just Have To Drool Over A Gorgeous Woman!

Gina Davis And Her Incredible Physique.

Dana Linn Bailey – Now This Is What I Call Worship :)

Sarah Backman and Sophie Arvebrink Back and Shoulders Clip – Warning, The Music May Not Be For All Tastes.

Zsuzsanna Toldi and Larissa Reis Work Their Shoulders – Extreme HOTNESS Ensues!!

For All You Muscle Lovers – Some Cool And Classic Documentaries.

Interesting Documentary about the Muscle Fetish Business. Two Great Looking Gals Get The Main Stream Media Treatment.

Pumping Iron II: The Women – Classic 80′s Female Bodybuilding Documentary – You’re In For A Treat. All Hail Rachel McLish!!

Fun, Older Documentary With Great looking Physiques.

The Dog Days Of Summer

Posted: 11th July 2013 by RTMG in Posts

Some Fun Clips To Make Those Hot Days Even Hotter.

Lindsay Mulinazzi plays Bodybuilder Bachelorette on the Steve Harvey Show.

Amanda Latona Works Out! Incredible Body!

Great Workout Clip. See And Be Amazed.